What We Do:

Homeschool Compliance will act as a third party administrator to provide official transcripts. Some college and universities frown upon the parent being signing the transcripts and principal, teacher and administrator. Homeschool Compliance will stand ready to validate the authenticity of high school transcripts and will send official high school transcripts to any college or university that wants a third party validation. We can provide time stamped grade submittal for all homeschool transcripts which show that grades were given and recorded each year. The families of the Homeschool Compliance company has provided education for their families in a home school setting. We know the issues and challenges that many families face when they try to make their home school process fit into the government norms. We will be with you to provide the necessary records, transcripts, storage and forms, making your homeschool administration easy. Whether it is attendance verification, forms for driver's license, official transcripts, or other high school documents, homeschool compliance is there to make sure your main worry is how well your student is learning the material you teach.

How Well it Works

We homeschooled all of our children all the way through and one of the greatest challenges we faced in college applications was the fact that as homeschoolers we didn't have a user friendly professional way to create and file an official transcript. Public and private schools have a constant stream of students and thus have access to expensive programs that are simply not viable for a homeschool scenario. We wish we had been able to have this program when our older children were graduating. It streamlines the transcript and application process and adds a degree of authority to the transcript that far surpasses simple parental testimony.

~Full time homeschool parents from North Carolina

2011 Home Schooled Graduates

firefox These three young ladies recently graduated from a homeschool class and will be making the transition to college this fall. We hope that our programs can help you through the challenges of homeschooling to a just as successful outcome.